Hyvolution Paris 2024 Live: Follow the last day of the exhibition live!

This year, the Hyvolution Paris Exhibition takes place on January 30, 31, and February 1, 2024, at Paris Porte de Versailles. Atmosphere, events, highlights, photos, videos, join our live coverage on Thursday, February 1st...

entête hyvo




9 a.m: [LAST BUT NOT LEAST! 🔴] Hyvolution people! The third and last day of the show has begun. And from our perspective, many of you seem to have plans for the day.


👋 Which conference will you attend? What solutions have you come to find? 💬


📝 Find the programme of this last day here: https://lnkd.in/gZbDqMkv 
🤳 Use the Hyvolution Connect app to plan your day and search for contacts.




10 a.m: 💧🙂 Smiles and hydrogen molecules... episode 2! We walked the aisles to meet you just yesterday, and your smiles warm our hearts. It's here, at Hyvolution, that hydrogen experts meet and give birth to the projects of tomorrow! 💡


Have a great last day! 👋




10:30 a.m: 📢🔴 Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe talks about the hydrogen legislative framework. 🎤


🗨️ He explains "3 000 pages, 1 000 mentionings of hydrogen", and continues "Now we need to put this into practice, one definition is still missing, it's the one on low carbon hydrogen."


Watch the full interview to find out more!😉




11:30 a.m: [LIVE - DAY 3 🔴] With more than 570 exhibitors, the 3 forums, the "1st global green hydrogen financial & investor forum" on the Hyvolution Theater, the Gas Analysis Event area, today is a busy day! 💧


💡 Don't forget to use the Hyvolution Connect app to search for the right conferences to attend and partners to meet.




12 a.m: 🤝 Handshakes and innovations: after years of development, now is the time of deployment and action. And many of you, coming from all over the World, have found the right partners for your projects on Hyvolution. 🚀


💬 Keep in touch with your business partners thanks to the Hyvolution Connect app!




1 p.m: 📢🔴 Tomoho Umeda, member of the board of Hydrogen Poland and 3 Seas Hydrogen Council, answered some of our questions! 🎤


The Central European and Baltic countries signed yesterday a partnership for the first transnational hydrogen initiative.


🗨️ For him, "this is a very historical moment", as he raises the importance of the region to promote hydrogen technologies.
"That's the moment to set everything up."


Let's face challenges together at Hyvolution2024! The full interview is out! 🖐️




2:30 p.m: 🎤 The 1st global green hydrogen financial and investor forum was very interesting! Did you attend to the conference? 😄


Experts spoke on investment strategies, risk management, political impact and technological advances in the green hydrogen sector. 🟢


🙏 We would like to thank our great moderators who facilitated the discussions:
Alicia Eastman, President and Co-Founder of InterContinental Energy
Mikaa Blugeon-Mered, teacher, author, lecturer and analyst - hydrogen markets, diplomacy and geopolitics
Tomasz A. S. from CleanTech Business Club
Raphaël Schoentgen, Co-Founder and Partner at Hydrogen Capital Partners (HCP) and Founder & CEO at Hydrogen Advisors


👉A conference organised by the CleanTech Business Club.




3 p.m: 🔊 Aisles echoing from your conversations: during the last 3 days, the whole H2 community gathered in Paris for Hyvolution 2024, a pioneering event, now the leader in the world of hydrogen. 📍


What kind of souvenirs of the show will you take back home? 💬




4:30 p.m: Hyvolution Paris 7️⃣th edition: the event stands out as an international leader in hydrogen! 🤩


This year there were 25 exhibiting countries at the show, over 80 nationalities and experts from all over the world to speak at the various conferences!


Here are some of the countries we welcomed, on video 😉
Thank you to them !




6 p.m: 🎬 Hyvolution, 2024 edition: the end! Pierre Buchou has a message for you! 💬


💡 During the last 3 days, more than 570 exhibitors and brands gathered to introduce the visitors their last innovations and solutions to deploy hydrogen projects. With 135 talks on the three forums, the conferences and the Hyvolution Summit, the event has reached a worldwide reputation.


Many thanks to all our sponsors and partners, to our speakers for bringing their insightfull visions, as well as to you visitors for joining us during these facinating days.