Hyvolution Paris 2024 Live: Follow the first day of the exhibition live!

This year, the Hyvolution Paris Exhibition takes place on January 30, 31, and February 1, 2024, at Paris Porte de Versailles. Atmosphere, events, highlights, photos, videos, join our live coverage starting on Tuesday, January 30th...

entête hyvo


Welcome to the live coverage of the first day of Hyvolution Paris 2024!



9 a.m: [LIVE 🔴] The doors of Hyvolution Paris open, and the first day of the show gets underway! 🎬


On the programme: +570 exhibitors and a large number of visitors expected, 3 days of exhibition, the international Hyvolution Summit conference, an increased international presence with 25 countries present, 350 speakers! 🌍


"Welcome at Hyvolution Paris 2024!
All the team is very excited to welcoming you at this 7th edition, the biggest worldwide event 100% hydrogen. The atmosphere will be so vibrant thanks to the 575 exhibitors, and to our nice partners : settlements, products presentation, side events, and of course, the Hyvolution Summit: a fantastic program 100% h2 oriented!
Welcome to the thousands of visitors, enjoy your visit, take advantage to all the opportunities brought to you by Hyvolution Paris.", Pierre Buchou, Hyvolution trade shows manager. 🎤




11 a.m: [LIVE 🔴] The 7th edition of Hyvolution is off to a flying start! The aisles are already echoing with conversations between visitors and exhibitors. 💬


Have you anticipated and made contact with potential partners for your projects? 🤝


🌎 Bringing together an international community of hydrogen experts, Hyvolution is an opportunity not to be missed!




12:30 a.m: [WORLD LEADING EVENT 🌍] 25 countries with their own delegations and pavilions, a European Hub with France Hydrogène and Hydrogen Europe, the GHIAA Hub... There's no doubt about it, Hyvolution is the place where the international hydrogen industry comes together! 📍


💬 Discover the national hydrogen strategies, the projects underway in many countries and meet the partners for your future projects.


A tool to simplify your visit? Use the Hyvolution Connect app! 📱




2:30 p.m:💬 Philippe BOUCLY and Valerie Bouillon-Delporte are the first to speak on Hyvolution today!


The two co-presidents of France Hydrogène, our longtime partners in organizing the show, give you their point of view on the current dynamic of the hydrogen industry. 📈


Thank you for your testimonials! 🙏




4:30 p.m: What solutions have you come to find at the show for your projects? 🔍


💡 With 570 exhibitors and brands, there are plenty of local and international opportunities!


Find all the innovations proposed by exhibitors on Hyvolution Connect, the app dedicated to the event. 📱




5 p.m: 💬 His Excellency, Raul Fernandez Daza, the Ambassador of the Republic of Chile in France took some time to speak on Hyvolution today !


Discover his point of view regarding the development of green hydrogen in Chile! 🙏


ProChile France




5:30 p.m: 💬 "We set the ground for the projects to come alive. There is no doubt about the role that hydrogen will play for the decarbonation by 2025!" Valerie Bouillon-Delporte, opening the Hyvolution Summit with Philippe BOUCLY, both co-chairman of France Hydrogen.

🎤 This afternoon was a thriving moment for the international hydrogen community, with high-fliyng round-tables and talks.

Thank you to all our speakers for sharing their visions for the industry, and a special thank you for Silke Frank, our moderator of the day. 🙏




6 p.m: 📝 What highlights were you able to take part in today?


💡 Hyvolution Summit, GAS Analysis Event, forums, the presentation of France Hydrogène, the "Running Projects" and the GRTgaz Conference punctuated our first day of this 2024 edition.




7 p.m: [HYVOLUTION DAY 1 🖐️] Here's a look back at a day packed with meetings, innovations, great forums and conferences from our exhibitors and partners, and the unmissable Hyvolution Summit!


👉 Thank you all for coming, and see you tomorrow!

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