The Hyvolution Paris 2024 conferences

Hyvolution Paris 2024 will be hosting several conferences during which international speakers will present their expertise.

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"Hydrogen needs rules, not colours!" 


📆 January 31, 2024
⏱ From 10 am to 1pm
 đź“Ť   Hyvolution Theater


Certification and standardization are 2 key-topics to accelerate the deployment of an active hydrogen market. The conference aims to give an international overview of the stakes and the roles of these 2 strategic tools. It will also adress the challenges of the deployment at a large scale, in different sectors and different technologies. 

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  • Laurent Antoni, IPHE  
  • Andrei Tchouvelev, Hydrogen Council
  • Pierre Serre Combe, AFNOR / ISO TC 197
  • Eszter Batta, EU commission / DG grow
  • Gabriel Lassery, ABH2 - Brasil
  • Tudor Florea, IPHE
  • Daria Nochevnik, IEA-H2 TCP, Task 47
  • Laurence BoisramĂ©, Bureau Veritas
  • Matthieu Boisson, Certifhy
  • Paulo Emilio de Miranda, ABH2
  • Ruta Baltause, EU commission / DG Ener
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1st Global Green Hydrogen financial & investor Forum


📆 February 1st, 2024
⏱ From 10am to 1pm
 đź“Ť  Hyvolution Theater 


At a glance: our goal is to facilitate meaningful discussions and connections that drive forward the green hydrogen industry. The forum will provide insights into investment strategies, risk management, policy impacts, and technological advancements, aiming to equip participants with the knowledge and networks needed to capitalize on green hydrogen’s potential. It will also discuss how to finance scaling up together between hydrogen, cleantech and water industry leaders. 

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Forum Chairpersons :

  • Alicia Eastman, Intercontinental Energy
  • Nienke Homan, VNCI  

Moderators/ Streamliners:  

  • Mikaa Mered, Sciences-Po
  • Tomasz Slusarz, CleanTech Business Club



  • Alicia Eastman
  • Adamo Screnci
  • Jean-Pascal Pharm-Ba
  • Nicole Vermeulen
  • Prof. Dr. Ad van Wijk
  • Paul van Son
  • Mikaa Mered
  • Daria Nochevnik
  • Marie Latour
  • Patrick Gjelstrup Rosenquist
  • Lucas ArangĂĽena
  • Justin Gu
  • Joel Ridderström
  • Antoine Trieux
  • Charlie Demoulin
  • Anne Lapierre
  • Germain Gauthier
  • Sandra Duraffourg-Hahn
  • Adrien Chabot
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📆 JANUARY 31, 2024
⏱ From 9am to 4pm
 đź“Ť  haLL 4, room 411 


This national information event is open to anyone, subject to registration and availability, via this link.

The purpose of the day is to give all participants an overview of the various funding opportunities associated with hydrogen, including a focus on 2024 calls from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. The 2024 work program for the Clean Hydrogen Partnership is due to be published in January 2024.



  • Representatives of the French higher educations and research ministry, the national contact point, CHP, the national research agency (ANR) and the ministry for the ecological transition
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📆 JANUARY 31, 2024
⏱ From 10 to 10.30am
 đź“Ť Hall 4, Room 412/413 



ADEME-sponsored calls for hydrogen ecosystem projects have supported around thirty projects since 2019. The goal of this workshop is to look back at a few of these projects, illustrating how the first ecosystems have been deployed in the field of mobility. The projects that will be described at the workshop include FEBUS, ZEV, H2 Ouest and H2Créteil.



  • Regional hydrogen coordinators at ADEME: Thomas Bertheau, Thomas Ferenc, Eric Gaspard, Jean-Pierre Harinck, Samuel Puygrenier, RĂ©mi Noirot, Gwendal MĂ©ance
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