Hyvolution Paris Live : Suivez la première journée du salon en direct !

Cette année, le Salon Hyvolution Paris se déroule les 01 & 02 février 2023 à Paris Porte de Versailles. Ambiance, événements, temps forts, photos, vidéos, retrouvez notre live du mercredi 01 février...

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[HYVOLUTION DAY 1 🔴] This afternoon is also rich in conferences from hydrogen players, here are two new highlights! 🚨

🎤 Forum 2: "Ademe - Territorial Hydrogen Ecosystems: assessment, feedback and perspectives", with Gwendal Méance, Hydrogen Project Manager at ADEME.

🎤 Forum 3: "Dekra - Process safety at the heart of new hydrogen applications", with Kelly GIRONA General Director of Hynology and Anne SIGAUD, Process Safety Consultant for DEKRA.

Follow the highlights of this first day on our live article: https://lnkd.in/dK4iu3eh

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Julien Etienne
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💬 "For us, Hyvolution is a strategic exhibition. In 2023, HYVIA is on the road and deploys its unique and complete H2 ecosystem." Julien Etienne, Chief Commercial Officer at HYVIA.

🚨 They were already attending the previous edition of Hyvolution and are now our sponsors in addition to being exhibitors. Thank you for your support. 🙏
Meet the Hyvia team, booth 6D64.

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“Hyvolution is really the benchmark show on hydrogen topics! I have participated in all the editions in recent years, we feel a real move upmarket and many more exhibitors and visitors." 💬

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ Sylvain GRIAUD and Thibault MAILLIARD came to meet their customers and develop new partnerships with players in the industry. Néodyme is a design office that supports companies in terms of controlling industrial and environmental risks.
Energy suppliers, logistics players, players in the chemical, food and waste processing industries are among the customers supported by the 120 Néodyme employees. ℹ️
📱 Plan your visit today and tomorrow with our app Hyvolution Connect: https://lnkd.in/d26PKaQQ
📝 And find the full program of this 2023 edition here: https://lnkd.in/dRxV-DwN

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🔎 Do you recognize someone you know? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

➡️ This year's edition if packed with so many french and international professionals... The alleys resonate with your conversations towards hydrogen projects.
We would like to know: on what major project are you working on?💬

#Hyvolution23 #hydrogen #energy #mobility #industry

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"Hyvolution is quite an important event for us and the whole sector." 💬

Romain Dewez, Hydrogen Finances Project Manager at ADEME talks about the show and the institutions' ambitions: "It's a great opportunity to meet with people we usually have by phone or email, and to see the new developments made by actors of this industry. We are really happy to be there! It's a great opportunity for us to show that ADEME is supporting the hydrogene industry while also insisting on sobriety for all sectors, as hydrogen is not the only solution to tackle the ecological transition alone." 🌍


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[HYVOLUTION DAY 2 🔴] This first part of the day ended in style, with 3 unmissable highlights! 📢

🎤 Forum 1: "Hydrogen use in heavy-duty transport" with Valérie MACREZ - Director at FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN by Aslog, Tariel CHAMEROIS - Head of Sustainability of DB Schenker France & Maghreb President of the Sustainability commission of the Union TLF and Geraud PELLAT DE VILLEDON - Supply Chain' CSR Manager at Michelin.

🎤 Forum 2: "EU regions at the forefront of H2 deployment: examples from France, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain" with Zoé BUYLE-BODIN - Policy advisor at the Normandie Brussels Office and coordinator of the H2 Valleys S3 Partnership - Région Normandie, Benjamin FEVRE Manager, Hydrogen sector at AD'OCC - Agence Régionale de Développement Économique La Région Occitanie \/ Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Alexander BEDRUNKA - Project leader of the Hydrogen Network of Lower Saxony Hydrogen Network (NWN), Marcos Antonio NOGUEIRA - Alentejo Permanent Representative in Brussels, Alentejo Europe Initiative, Juan Manuel FERNANDEZ ETXANIZ - Project manager, Basque Country Energy Agency (EVE), Energiaren Euskal Erakundea \/ Ente Vasco de la Energía, Karolina LIPINSK, Deputy Director at Pomorskie Region, Mara BUBBERMAN - Policy officer at the Northern Netherlands EU Office Northern Netherlands EU Office, Francisco VIGALONDO - Policy officer at Aragon Exterior EU Office.

🎤 Forum 3: "Testimonials about Hydrogen Use in the Industry" with Mercè LABORDENA - Senior Manager, Policy and Funding, Smartenergy, José Manuel MANRIQUE VILLANUEVA - Hydrogen International Business Development Manager, Repsol, Bastien BONNET-CANTALLOUBE
- Officer, Industry Policy, Hydrogen Europe.

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[HYVOLUTION JOUR 1 🔴] Trois temps forts de qualité ont déjà eu lieu ce matin ! 🤩

🎤 Présentation des chiffres clés de la filière par Philippe Boucly sur le stand de France Hydrogène
🎤 Conférence sur le Forum 3 : "Accélérer le passage à l'échellle des unités de production des infrastructures et des stations de distribution hydrogène avec un partenaire d'automation expérimenté" - avec Nicolas Marti et Jérome Desmoulières (Emerson)
🎤 Conférence de presse : Stellantis & Engie Solutions annoncent la création d'une offre inédite de mobilité hydrogène pour les professionnels, avec Olivier Arthaud, Directeur Général Mobilité Hydrogène chez Engie Solutions, et Richard Meyer, Directeur de la stratégie VUL Stellantis.

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[🔴 HYVOLUTION JOUR 1 🚨] C'est parti pour cette première journée du salon Hyvolution ! 🎬

ℹ️ Cette année, le salon change de dimension : un nouveau lieu, des exposants et visiteurs attendus plus nombreux, un congrès international Hyvolution Summit, une présence internationale de plus en plus marquée et la visite de nombreuses personnalités publiques et privées. 🎤

Cette année, plus que jamais, Hyvolution sera le rendez-vous incontournable des acteurs de l’hydrogène en France et en Europe. 🌍

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