03 février 2023

Hyvolution Paris Live : Suivez la dernière journée du salon en direct !

Cette année, le Salon Hyvolution Paris se déroule les 01 & 02 février 2023 à Paris Porte de Versailles. 
Ambiance, événements, temps forts, photos, vidéos, retrouvez notre live du jeudi 02 février...



[💧 HYVOLUTION SUMMIT HIGHLIGHTS 📸] Last (but not least) highlight of the day, moderated by Silke Frank!

"Hydrogen valleys, ecosystems & hubs: how local territories are mobilizing ressources", with an introduction by Valérie Bouillon Delporte - France Hydrogène

🎤 Speakers: Bart Biebuyck - Clean Hydrogen Partnership, Nico van Dooren - Port of Rotterdam, Karolina Lipinska - Pomorskie Province, Marilene Turcotte - Air Liquide.

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[OFFICIAL VISIT 🚨] Bruno Bonnell, General Secretary for Investment FRANCE2030, joined us, Porte de Versailles, to meet the exhibitors and speak at Hyvolution Summit.

💬 "I'm here to recall our support to the stakeholders in France and testify the wish of our government to support the hydrogen industry, in regard to the 9 billion euros investment."

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[💧 HYVOLUTION SUMMIT HIGHLIGHTS 📸] This afternoon, Silke Frank (Hydrogen Moves GmbHDeutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband (DWV) e.V.) hosted 3 fascinating round tables with high-level speakers. 🙋‍♀️

"Industry, mobility: can the rollout of hydrogen accelerate decarbonization?" - introduction by Valerie Bouillon-Delporte - France Hydrogène / Michelin

🎤 1st session: "Airport hubs' overview" with Eric Delobel - VINCI Airports

🎤 2nd session: "Update on road vehicles" with Stephan Herbst - H2 Council & Toyota Motor Corporationjean-michel billig - StellantisProf. Dr. Christian Mohrdieck - cellcentric GmbH & Co. KGNicolas Brahy - H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG.

🎤 3rd session: "Industry and infrastucture" with Thierry Lepercq - HyDeal EspañaJonathan Weber - SHS - Stahl-Holding-Saar GmbH & Co. KGaAThierry Trouvé - GRTgaz.

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“The strength of Hyvolution is innovation! I came here to meet clients and catch up on the industry news." 💬

We have met Evrard de VILLENEUVE, an entrepreneur engaged in hydrogen. His company Chevreuse Courtage, is specialized in insuring energy players, in particular photovoltaics and hydrogen. Convinced of the potential of hydrogen, on which he wishes to develop his activity, he is also an investor in a hydrogen car company.
He made his choice for 2024: he will be exhibiting at Hyvolution! 🤩

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How is your day going? With more than 400 exhibitors, including countries' and regions' booths, we hope that you will find the right partners to support your project. 🤝

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[HYVOLUTION DAY 2 🔴] This first part of the day ended in style, with 3 unmissable highlights! 📢

🎤 Forum 1: "Hydrogen use in heavy-duty transport" with Valérie MACREZ - Director at FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN by Aslog, Tariel CHAMEROIS - Head of Sustainability of DB Schenker France & Maghreb President of the Sustainability commission of the Union TLF and Geraud PELLAT DE VILLEDON - Supply Chain' CSR Manager at Michelin.

🎤 Forum 2: "EU regions at the forefront of H2 deployment: examples from France, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain" with Zoé BUYLE-BODIN - Policy advisor at the Normandie Brussels Office and coordinator of the H2 Valleys S3 Partnership - Région Normandie, Benjamin FEVRE Manager, Hydrogen sector at AD'OCC - Agence Régionale de Développement Économique La Région Occitanie \/ Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Alexander BEDRUNKA - Project leader of the Hydrogen Network of Lower Saxony Hydrogen Network (NWN), Marcos Antonio NOGUEIRA - Alentejo Permanent Representative in Brussels, Alentejo Europe Initiative, Juan Manuel FERNANDEZ ETXANIZ - Project manager, Basque Country Energy Agency (EVE), Energiaren Euskal Erakundea \/ Ente Vasco de la Energía, Karolina LIPINSK, Deputy Director at Pomorskie Region, Mara BUBBERMAN - Policy officer at the Northern Netherlands EU Office Northern Netherlands EU Office, Francisco VIGALONDO - Policy officer at Aragon Exterior EU Office.

🎤 Forum 3: "Testimonials about Hydrogen Use in the Industry" with Mercè LABORDENA - Senior Manager, Policy and Funding, Smartenergy, José Manuel MANRIQUE VILLANUEVA - Hydrogen International Business Development Manager, Repsol, Bastien BONNET-CANTALLOUBE
- Officer, Industry Policy, Hydrogen Europe.

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[💧 HYVOLUTION SUMMIT HIGHLIGHTS 📸] This morning we had high-level interventions that were proposed to the public, gathered in large numbers, at the Hyvolution Summit!

🎤 Round table: "Funding: the challenge of large scale rollout" with Christelle Werquin - France Hydrogène, Pierre Germain Marlier - Hy24, Nor Mebkhout - European Investment Bank (EIB), Matthieu Lance - Crédit Agricole Assurances, Antoine Trieux - Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking.

💻 Keynote speech by ENGIE: "Hydrogen Developments: where are we? how to accelerate?" with Didier Holleaux and Valérie Ruiz-Domingo.

🎤 Keynote speech by Roland Lescure, Delegate Minister to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, in charge of Industry.

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[HYVOLUTION DAY 2 🚨] The Adecco Group and France Hydrogène are committed to accompany the development of the employment in the Hydrogen sector!

➡️ Under the considerate gaze of French Minister Roland Lescure, who declared before the signing: “Behind hydrogen there are 100,000 jobs and real potential for regional development. You have to give yourself the ability to attract young people, it's a sector that pays and goes in the direction of ecology!"

🤝 Alexandre Viros, Managing Director of Adecco and Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène have just signed an agreement whose objective is to develop employment and training in the sector.

💬 This promising partnership must “address the problems of tension on employment that the sector is currently experiencing” indicates Philippe Boucly.

ℹ️ It will concern in particular the creation of new training courses dedicated to hydrogen and the upgrading of skills in the key professions of the sector, boilermakers, maintenance technicians, project managers and engineers in particular. A major challenge for the entire industry, especially since “hydrogen is an essential link in the energy transition” as Alexandre Viros reminds us.

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💼 Employment in the hydrogen industry currently is a major topic, as well as for the years to come. On the Jobs & Training Campus, we met Diana El Hajj Sleiman, a young graduate of the IAE Nantes in energy economics, and Guy de BOISSIEU, recruiter at TotalEnergies. 🤝

💬 Mr. de Boissieu: "It's the first time that I join Hyvolution's Jobs & Training Campus. This has allowed me to get in touch with new profiles. We have a real need to recruit profiles on the new energies, this is an important issue for us. This campus is a facilitator. HyVolution is a very good show!

💬 Mrs. El Hajj Sleiman: "I just graduated, and this Jobs & Training Campus allows me to get my first interviews. All the players in the hydrogen sector are represented. I came with my resume, it's very exciting!"

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[🚨 OFFICIAL VISIT 🚨] Mr. Roland Lescure Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, in charge of Industry, is attending Hyvolution.

On the occasion of Hyvolution Summit, Mr. Lescure, who will speak at midday, visited several exhibitor booths to discuss industrial projects. 💬

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[💧 HYVOLUTION SUMMIT 🚨] The summit is underway! For the first time on Hyvolution, we are delighted to receive members of the European Commission, ambassadors, and international officials as well as major companies CEOs to discuss the crucial hydrogen issues.

🎤 After a welcoming address by Philippe Pasquet, CEO of GL events Exhibitions and an introduction by Philippe BOUCLY, president of France Hydrogène, the first round table starts.




🌍 1st Theme: "National and international hydrogen strategies to face the energy transition emergency".

ℹ️ Speakers:
Rosalinde van der VliesEuropean Commission
Laurent ANTONI - IPHE (International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy)
H.E José Miguel Capdevila Villarroel, Ambassador of Chile to France - Ambassade du Chili en France
H.E Michael Starbæk Christensen, Ambassador of Denmark to France, Ambassade du Danemark en France – The Danish Embassy in France

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💬 "For us, hydrogen IS the energy transition. We support our customers in this transition, hydrogen is essential. We prepare the future here at Hyvolution! The meetings and the diversity of exhibitors are really interesting. This is our first visit and we are very satisfied. There is a lot of technological monitoring, very good organization, we immediately feel the international challenge in the aisles."

📸 We've met Albert Schmitt Business Developer and Nicolas Cruz, Business Unit Manager at Irian Mecatronics, a small company specialized in high pressure and high temperature equipment.

Find the full program of the day: https://lnkd.in/dPn4FHV9
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💬"HyVolution Summit is the opportunity to share experience and key insights of the development of the sector, the national and international strategies, and to meet leaders that can build a competitive future for H2, all together!" Laure-Aline Baheux, Responsible for Women In Green Hydrogen in France and Consultant at Wavestone.

🚨 Today is the first edition of Hyvolution Summit! Be sure to follow our social media live coverage! 📱

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