15 November 2021

HyVolution2021: a record edition !

Press Release



HyVolution, the benchmark event for hydrogen in energy, industry, and transportation, took place on 27th and 28th October this year at the Paris Event Center. The exhibition organizers had promised an event equal to the dynamic growth of the market and the needs expressed by the sector’s stakeholders.

And it was a winning move by GL events Exhibitions and France Hydrogène, who together orchestrated a clear success with this, the fourth edition of HyVolution, now the leading hydrogen sector event in France and Europe.  

With 230 exhibitors and brands on show—double the number at the previous edition—and a show area of some 7,000 square metres, HyVolution received 3476 visitors (60% up on 2020). A success that confirms the ambitions of an entire sector. The hydrogen community means to be a force to reckon with in the new French energy landscape, and it seized on this major gathering to show its colours.

Over the two days, stakeholders were all able to discover an even wider range of solutions and an all-new programme of conferences on the TV stage, along with the many interactive presentations that took place in the two open-access forum areas. Informative as well as participative, these two days of meetings, dialogue, and business were a milestone event that helped keep put hydrogen sector stakeholders on the same page. Exhibitors had the opportunity to show the sector’s decision makers the extent of their offerings and thus speed up the deployment of hydrogen by fostering relations with stakeholders in all potential markets.

Keeping pace with the hydrogen sector it strives to assist, HyVolution has made a quantum leap upward with its fourth edition.


Philippe Boucly – France Hydrogène chairman.

"The 2021 edition of HyVolution has mobilized everyone in the sector, united by the same objective: to develop a competitive French and Europe-wide hydrogen sector. These two days full of encounters and dialogue kept their promise of bringing together stakeholders in a united front, regardless of their potential market, at a key event for the sector, allowing them the opportunity to show the world the quality and extent of their offerings. As an illustration of the breadth of this offering and to help identify the different stakeholders and technologies, France Hydrogène has published the “Panorama of hydrogen solutions”, a must-read resource that gives the most complete overview possible of French and European technological offerings."


HyVolution exhibition manager Pierre Buchou gives his round-up of the event, its success, and the momentum in the sector. He makes a date with you for the next edition on 11th and 12th May, 2022 !




An expanded, feature-rich offering, an event that covers all the energy, industry, and transportation markets

The exhibition, with its congenial atmosphere, proved a real development lever for European markets, a 2-day melting pot of exchanges between key hydrogen stakeholders, private and public deciders at national and regional levels, and industrial and scientific entities. With 230 exhibitors and brands on show (18% of them from abroad) compared with 120 in 2020, this year’s HyVolution featured the largest offering of hydrogen solutions ever seen in Europe, let alone France. An unprecedented offering for tackling the wide variety of market-specific issues in energy, industry, and transportation.  

Businesses, industrial manufacturers, the sector’s European ringleaders spent two days presenting products, services, and concrete applications in the fields of

  • production
  • storage
  • distribution
  • monetization
  • gas technologies
  • technical and financial service offerings

A noteworthy aspect of this edition was the presence of many first-time exhibitors (over 100) and notably the ten French regions that accompanied their regions’ businesses and promoted their local initiatives on the hydrogen front: Nouvelle Aquitaine, Grand-Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Brittany, Normandy, Hauts de France, Pays de Loire, Capenergies cluster, Bourgogne-Franche Comté, Occitanie.

A big first at this latest edition was the International Village, which housed pavilions from ten countries as well as representatives from many other countries and regions, all presenting their hydrogen strategies and territorial initiatives: United Kingdom, Scotland, South Korea, Quebec, Italy, Asturias, Saxony, Netherlands-Flanders (WaterstofNet Cluster), Denmark.

Among the other distinguishing features of HyVolution 2021 were new tools for facilitating relations and interactive sessions for favouring encounters and fostering networking. As proof, 407 business appointments were made and kept and 1004 relations were developed with the HyVolution Connect app.


Big increase in qualified, relevant visitors and confirmed international outreach

With an attendance over 60% up on the previous edition, HyVolution welcomed 3476 visitors, 11% of them from 26 countries outside France (11.5% more international visitors than in 2020) : project initiators, deciders in the European energy, industry, and transportation markets. 

What professionals in which fields attended HyVolution 2021 ?   

  • energy sector : 24 %     
  • engineering sector : 22%    
  • industry sector : 21%    
  • transportation secteur : 12 %     
  • local government : 7 %    
  • others : 14 %    

Below are the top five countries out of 26 in terms of international visitor numbers :

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium 

Also of note were the international delegations from six nations:
South Korea, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Morocco


An all-new programme of events and activities open to everyone

The two-day format enabled easy access to high level content, more exchanges between speakers and attendees, and consequently a greater two-way involvement.

50 interactive presentations from partners and exhibitors in two forum areas, 20 broadcasts from the TV stage, an international village, featured country days (South Korea and the UK), and an outdoor exhibition of sector-symbolic vehicles and machinery.

With 20 broadcasts in a very dynamic format, a mix of debates and round-table talks in French and English chaired by experts and professional journalists, HyVolution TV put the spotlight on advanced projects involving renewable hydrogen.

Major topics covered by HyVolution TV 2021 :

  • Renewable hydrogen
  • DToward carbon free industry with hydrogen 
  • H2 powered road haulage 
  • Transportation - Bus roll-outs, municipal fleets, trains, lorries and more 
  • Hydrogen Valleys - Hubs, Ecosystèmes, Corridors in France and across Europe 
  • How do we make sure the hydrogen produced matches the hydrogen used ?
  • How do we improve the hydrogen sector's competitiveness across all areas of use ?
  • Hydrogen distribution : delivery grids and European regulations 

All the broadcasts were filmed and are available for playback on the exhibition’s YouTube channel and website.

The opening conference on Wednesday, 27th October, 2pm–5.15pm on the HyVolution TV stage and streamed live via HyVolution Connect featured 250 participants.
Taking the floor at this official conference were political stakeholders and leaders in French and European hydrogen deployment who were present for the opening day.

Just some of the speakers : 

  • Michel Delpon, MP & Chairman of the French parliamentary study group on hydrogen
  • Hoang Bui, carbon-free hydrogen national development Coordinator
  • Philippe Boucly, Chairman of France Hydrogène 

Alongside HyVolution TV were two Forum areas hosting fifty or so short-format (20-minute) interactive presentations by exhibitors, sponsors, and partners. These workshops were an unqualified success, with an overall attendance of more than 2,500 over the two days.

Outdoor exhibition of sector-symbolic vehicles and machinery
A concrete illustration of today’s available transportation solutions was on view in an outdoor show area, with many hydrogen powered vehicles and machines on display, some of them exclusive to the exhibition.

  • The Hyundai Nexo car, presented by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region
  • A generator set and the Energy Observer exhibition, presented by EODev
  • A houseold waste disposal skip, presented by SEMAT
  • Two racing cars, presented by Mission H24
  • A delivery tricycle with a hydrogen motor, presented by STOR-H
  • A rpad sweeper, presented by CMAR
  • A generator seet and PowiDian Mobility, presented by PowiDian 
  • The Caetano bus 

And of course test drives in the Toyota Mirai 2 hydrogen car


The following all happened at HyVolution 2021 :

Plug Power and Lhyfe to join forces in building factories in Europe

US firm Plug Power and French firm Lhyfe reached an agreement at HyVolution to jointly develop several renewable hydrogen production plants in Europe, with a target output of 130 tonnes per day by 2025. They also announced the initiation of a feasibility study for creating a 1GW (500 tonne) plant in 2022.

GL events switches to hydrogen

On Wednesday, 27th October at the exhibition, an outline agreement was signed by Energy Observer Developments (EODev) and the GL events Group for the supply of mobile generators running on 100% hydrogen (GEH2®) This revolutionary technology developed and produced in France by the EODev company will help accelerate the transition to eco-friendly energy in the event management sector. Starting mid-2022, the GL events Group will be able to offer its clients an innovative solution: sustainable energy produced directly at the event venue at an affordable cost. 4 mobile generator sets each delivering 100 kVA and running exclusively on hydrogen will be the culmination of the first stage in GL events’ clean energy roll-out.

Pragma Industries and GRDF sign an order for hydrogen powered delivery tricycles

The Pragma Industries team took full advantage of this major gathering to boost the launch of their hydrogen powered delivery tricycle, putting pen to paper with France’s national gas grid GRDF for deliveries starting a few weeks from now (LUZO project: zero carbon urban logistics).

Franco-Korean agreement signed at HyVolution

H2Korea, represented by director Jaedon Moon, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Task Force Hydrogen, represented by Géraldine Lemblé, giving official weight to the convergence of the two organizations’ ecosystems. A roadmap of cooperation, investment, R&D, and common projects will be published in the coming months and will set the timing and objectives of this collaboration.


Key facts and figures at HyVolution 2021

  • 230 exhibitors and brands, 18% from abroad
  • 9 sponsors 
  • 3476 visitORS, 60 % up on the 2020 edition
  • + de 80 speakers from france and other nations
  • + de 50 exhibitor's and partners' interactive presentations
  • 20 broadcasts on hyvolution tv

Your date for the next edition: 11th–12th May, 2022 at the Paris Event Center




With 200 trade or consumer events organized worldwide, GL events Exhibitions has unequalled expertise in organizing exhibitions and shows, a business that must at once satisfy increasingly specialized marketing, communication and organizational techniques while retaining close ties with market players.

The HyVolution event is organized by the GL events Green-tech+ division, which also manages seven other major gatherings: BePositive, Eurobois, Expobiogaz, Paysalia, Rocalia, Piscine Global Europe, Open Energies.


HyVolution is organized jointly with France Hydrogène.With close to 350 members, France Hydrogène is the united face of French stakeholders in the sector, structured along the whole value chain: industrial corporations developing large-scale projects, innovative smaller businesses and start-ups supported by laboratories and excellence
centres, trade associations, competitiveness clusters, and municipalities with a strong involvement in the deployment of hydrogen solutions.
As the privileged interlocutor with the country’s powers, France Hydrogène acts across the whole spectrum of concerns :

  • Structuring a high performance, competitive, innovative French hydrogen sector,
  • Sharing and promoting the sector's issues and approaches,
  • Spreading knowledge of the benefits and characteristics of hydrogen technologies,
  • Facilitating societal dialogue on national objectives and local initiatives,
  • Contributing to development of a regulatory framework to accompany the roll-out of hydrogen technologies in France.

France Hydrogène assists the sector all the way down to the coalface with its 12 regional delegations.
Its ambition: to accelerate the development of hydrogen solutions for a successful energy transition, reindustrialize the country, and create local value to improve everyone’s quality of life.