21 October 2021

HyVolution, the go-to gathering of hydrogen stakeholders in France and Europe

Press release



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Organized jointly with France Hydrogen, with the backing of French national energy agency Ademe, the Hydrogen for energy, industry, and transportation event will be presenting the sector’s latest news and innovations along with concrete solutions being developed today in France and Europe. To keep in step with the sector as it gathers pace, HyVolution becomes a yearly event.     

With 220 exhibitors and brands, the 2021 edition is one of immense promise with many new features scheduled, including 50 workshops in two forum areas led by partners and exhibiting companies, 20 broadcasts from the TV stage, an international village, featured country days (South Korea and UK), and an outdoor exhibition area for sector-symbolic vehicles and machinery.    


HyVolution: shedding light on hydrogen strategies in France and abroad

International Village

A big new feature of the 2021 edition is the International Village, which will house pavilions from ten countries as well as delegations and representatives from many other countries and regions, all presenting their hydrogen strategies and territorial initiatives.

United Kingdom, Scotland, South Korea, Quebec, Italy, Asturias, Saxony, Netherlands-Flanders (WaterstofNet Cluster), Denmark

Featured country days 

Wednesday, 27th October: the United Kingdom presents its hydrogen strategy and the large projects it has spawned, with special focus on Scotland.

  • Opening session in the forum area
  • Participation in Forum and HyVolution TV sessions
  • Official representatives in attendance

Thursday, 28th October: South Korea will be holding an official session early in the day then presenting its hydrogen strategy. 

  • Opening session by the H2 Korea president 
  • Conference from 10.00 to 11.20 am in the Forum
  • Delegation of economic representatives, notably from the automotive sector


French regions in motion 

French regions at the core of the national hydrogen plan! Ten regions will be present at HyVolution promoting their regional and local hydrogen strategies along with their initiatives and partnerships: Nouvelle Aquitaine, Grand-Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Brittany, Normandy, Hauts de France, Pays de Loire, Capenergies cluster, Bourgogne-Franche Comté, Occitanie.


An all-new, extensive programme close to the sector’s news

Even more sharing and exchanges at the two forums!

Alongside HyVolution TV, two Forums will be hosting some fifty short-format workshops (20 minutes) led by exhibitors, sponsors, and partners.
All participants can now make their way to these two open-access areas at the centre of the exhibition, dedicated to presentations by exhibiting companies and partners who want to showcase a project, product, or service.         


HyVolution TV

With a very dynamic format, much like on national TV, with a mix of debates and round-table talks in French and English chaired by experts and professional journalists (no translations provided), Hyvolution TV will put the spotlight on advanced projects centred on renewable hydrogen.     
HyVolution TV is aimed at all professionals, especially public and private sector deciders concerned with the roll-out of meaningful energy and ecology transition solutions.    

Fifty or so speakers from France and across Europe will take advantage of around twenty broadcasts to review the environmental, societal, and economic issues that this new energy solution addresses and to present the initiatives and market strategies being implemented. They will debate the key factors in success, the main research and development areas, infrastructure requirements, and the best business models for developing the hydrogen energy ecosystem.    

All the sessions will be filmed for showing on the web site and relaying to the exhibition’s social media channels.

An official conference will be organized on Wednesday, 27th October at 2pm on the HyVolution TV stage in order to allow political actors and French and European leaders in hydrogen deployment to have their say during this exhibition opening day. It will be live-streamed to social media and the exhibition website. 


Major topics covered on HyVolution TV :

  • Renewable hydrogen
    Toward carbon free industry with hydrogen
    H2 powered land haulage
    Transportation - Bus roll-outs, municipal fleets, trains, lorries, and more
    Hydrogen Valleys - Hubs, Ecosystems, Corridors in France and across Europe
    How do we make sure the hydrogen produced matches the hydrogen used?
    How do we improve the hydrogen sector’s competitiveness across all areas of use?
    Hydrogen distribution: delivery grids and European regulations

See the full programme  


High-profile speakers :

  • Philippe Boucly, France H2, Chairman
  • Valerie Bouillon-Delporte, Michelin, Hydrogen Ecosystem Director & 1st H2 VP France 
  • Johann Brunie, Group Pyrex, Technical Manager 
  • Tariel Chamerois, DB Schenker, Sustainable Development Manager
  • Werner Diwald, DWV – Germany, Chairman   
  • Tudor Florea, Ministry of Ecological Transition, Mission Leader
  • David Holderbach, HyVia, CEO
  • Badr Ikken, IRESEN research institute – Morocco, Director
  • Dr Rizwan Janjua, Worldsteel Association, Head of Technology
  • Arnaud Leroy, ADEME, Chairman 
  • Jaedo Moon, H2 Korea, President 
  • James Watson, Eurogas, Executive Officer


Outdoor exhibition area

A concrete illustration of today’s available transportation solutions will be on view in the outdoor exhibition area featuring many hydrogen powered vehicles and machines, some of them exclusives. Among the items on show will be cars & vans, buses, utility vehicles, waste skips, and generator sets.


Here’s what they had to say at the introductory press conference  

Pierre Buchou – HyVolution development manager     

“Faced with the challenge of upscaling the hydrogen sector, the 4th edition of HyVolution will be a major live-attendance event offering tangibility to emergent projects and the diversity of available solutions. With active cooperation from its partners, it cements its status as a unifying, impetus-creating gathering that is unique in Europe. Whether it be the ever-rising exhibitor numbers, the wealth of solutions on show across all markets, the unprecedented presence of ten French regions and ten other countries with their regions, or the quality of the speakers, every ingredient will be there to make for a very promising edition!”

Philippe Boucly – France Hydrogène chairman.

"France has made an ambitious statement on the development of renewable hydrogen and carbon reduction with its strategy for frameworking the sector’s acceleration. Addressing ever more pressing climate issues, this national strategy is also the sign of a strong determination to support the emergence of an internationally competitive industrial sector that creates value and jobs in France. The sector is on its way to realizing this big ambition and going full scale. HyVolution, the contacts and opportunities engine, will prove that these technologies are available today. It will be the occasion for France Hydrogen to publish the catalogue of hydrogen solutions".





Wednesday, 27th October: 9am–6pm
Thursday, 28th October: 9am–5.30pm



Paris Event Center, 20 Avenue de la Porte de la Villette, 75019 PARIS, France



About the organiser 

With 200 trade or consumer events organized worldwide, GL events Exhibitions has unequalled expertise in organizing exhibitions and shows, a business that must at once satisfy increasingly specialized marketing, communication and organizational techniques while retaining close ties with market players.
The HyVolution event is organized by the GL events Green-tech+ division, which also manages eight other major gatherings: BePositive, Eurobois, Expobiogaz, Paysalia, Rocalia, Swimming pool Global Europe, Open Energies, Natur’in.    


Download the press release in PDF