24 March 2022


The 2022 edition of the hydrogen event for energy, industry, and mobility is being held on 11th and 12th May, 2022 in France’s Paris Event Center.
The 2021 edition broke every record in terms of both exhibitors and visitors, and this new edition looks every bit as promising, with over 260 exhibitors and brands expected.
Buoyed by the impetus of a sector witnessing near-runaway expansion, HyVolution is asserting its ambition of being a venue the hydrogen community cannot afford to miss. For this sixth edition, we will again be offering an extensive programme of ground-breaking features, with conferences on the TV stage, two forum areas where companies, regions, and partners can address an audience or share experiences, an outdoor exhibition yard, and now a new area dedicated to jobs and training.


Unprecedented momentum for hydrogen

The development of hydrogen is firmly under way, with a rarely-seen intensity. In France, the counter-offensive on climate change coupled with an ambitious post-pandemic economic stimulus package have placed the country among those leading the charge in Europe and the world, most notably with the 2020 launch of a strategy for accelerating carbon-free hydrogen, taken a step further in the France 2030 investment plan. Wherever you look in the world, hydrogen is becoming a strategic energy form in the scope a successful green transition. Last year alone, the number of countries adopting a hydrogen strategy doubled from 13 to 26.
The current geopolitical context, especially the dramatic developments of the last few weeks, can only intensify people’s interest in hydrogen. Renewable energy production is about to see big increases in development in France, Europe, and the world. This year’s HyVolution will be more decisive than ever in the creation of a new world order for energy.

Industrial and territorial momentum

In recent years, large industrial, energy, and transport corporations have multiplied their investment and the main research and development stakeholders have kept pace. This translates to the building of new factories and production chains for manufacturing the key equipment and components of hydrogen technologies. Industrial investments are being announced all over France: electrolysers in Belfort, Béziers, Vendôme, and Aspach-Michelbach (Alsace), hydrogen production and filling stations in Grenoble and in the Chambery district, fuel cells in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux and the Lyon area, storage tanks in Dole and in Bavans (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region), and hydrogen powered vehicles in Albi, Tarbes, Valenciennes, and the Paris region.

More and more user-end projects are also seeing the day thanks to the commitment of local authorities. More than 120 hydrogen projects are currently being rolled out or are already up and running nationwide, like the hydrogen buses doing the rounds in the streets of Auxerre, La Rochesur-
Yon, Le Mans, Lens, Pau, and Versailles. Electrolysers are being deployed in the South of France’s La Mède bio-refinery and in Normandy’s Port-Jerôme industrial/riverport complex, while others are already in operation in the Vendée department’s onshore wind farms. Twelve metropolitan areas have drawn up plans for hydrogen and are investing tens of millions of  euros to coordinate and structure local hydrogen ecosystems in their districts. In Corsica and in French overseas regions, projects are under way for using hydrogen as an energy storage solution in areas with no connection to the energy grid.

Philippe Boucly - President of France Hydrogène :

France is pushing forward with its big ambition to develop renewable, carbon-free hydrogen in the scope of a strategic framework for acceleration of the hydrogen sector. As a response to climate issues that are becoming more urgent by the day, this strategy is also a means of consolidating our technological and energy autonomy in view of the troubled times we live in. This strong determination to support the emergence of a competitive industrial sector that creates jobs and wealth is a prime ambition shared by all stakeholders at both French and European levels. I am very positive about this European acceleration we are seeing, and our yearly HyVolution gathering will help us gauge and actively contribute along with all the sector’s stakeholders.”

HyVolution 2022: 260 exhibitors and brands lined up

We’ve already received huge support from stakeholders for this new edition, a sign of the growing
importance of the hydrogen sector and the knock-on effect of previous editions. With so many businesses and brands on show, including all the main leaders, this event will notably enable French and European businesses to seek and find new partnerships for tackling public and private projects, to meet up in person and trade thoughts.

Ten companies from France’s CAC40 share index will be exhibiting this year (Air Liquide, Alstom, Bouygues, EDF, Engie, Michelin, Renault, TotalEnergies, St Gobain, Vinci), alongside more than 200 pocket-to-medium sized business from the sector and eleven local government regions. These two days dedicated to encounters, exchanges, and doing business promise to be a milestone event that unifies all the hydrogen sector stakeholders. It will be the opportunity for companies to present their offerings to all the sector’s developers and decision-makers and thus accelerate hydrogen deployment by bringing stakeholders together from all potential markets.

The business sectors covered by the exhibition are :

  • mobility: cars, bikes, buses, trains, lorries, ships, barges, special transport, along with
    refilling infrastructures, etc.
  • Energy: power2gas, renewables, buildings, storage, off-grid sites, etc.
  • Industry: chemicals, metallurgy, glass, petrochemicals, etc.

There will also be a number of local authorities and other institutions presenting updates and feedback on their policies and actions in favour of hydrogen development in their respective districts and regions. A large, active representation giving centre stage to regional stakeholders and their initiatives.

An expanded programme to foster more exchanges

In response to the vigour permeating the market and the needs being expressed across the sector, this new edition of HyVolution will feature an expanded offering of solutions and a whole new programme of open-access conferences on a TV stage. Complementing this will be two forum areas where companies, local authorities, and partners can take the floor to give their news and feedback. Among the latest
novelties, theme-based sessions will be on offer in the Forums to go with the interactive workshops run by exhibitors, partners, and even countries. A total of eight sessions will cover the topics of mobility,energy, distribution, and industrial uses.

All of these interactive forum workshops will be filmed for catch-up viewing on the event’s social media channels and the HyVolution Connect app.

For a more concrete illustration of today’s available solutions, an outdoor display of hydrogen powered vehicles and machinery, including generation units, will accompany the indoor exhibition.

The new digital services, introduced in 2021 on the HyVolution Connect Web platform and app, make their return, bringing a wider audience within reach and once more facilitating new relations between professionals.

New feature: a dedicated jobs and training area to assist the sector

The hydrogen sector is taking off in a big way and structuring up to reach the government’s objectives. On the horizon are the major issues of industrialization and deployment.

True to its vocation of assisting the sector, HyVolution is handing jobs and training a starring role at this coming edition.

In France, the national strategy for carbon-free hydrogen development clearly puts hydrogen in the strategic industry category. With its budget of 7.2 billion euros, it has given itself ten years to create a competitive carbon-free hydrogen sector. By 2030, we expect over 100,000 direct or indirect hydrogenrelated jobs to be created. Expanding and improving the skill set of industry and local government is therefore something that needs tackling right now. Training—transmitting the skills necessary to highperformance hydrogen workers—will guarantee the emergence of a French sector that creates jobs and value in the regions.

Hydrogen can be a decarbonization lever for the whole economy across all its sectors. It already provides job creation and conversion opportunities in France, covering the entire value chain from equipment manufacture to integration and support services. An exhibition area with content dedicated to the above themes will help pair job openings with job seekers, a helping hand for businesses who are already feeling the squeeze on this front.


GL events Exhibitions

With 200 events organized worldwide for professionals and the general public, GL events Exhibitions has unequalled expertise in organizing exhibitions and trade shows—a business that must stay abreast of increasingly specialized marketing, communication and organizational techniques while retaining close ties with market players. The HyVolution exhibition is organized by the Green-tech+ division of GL events, which also manages eight other major gatherings: BePOSITIVE, Expobiogaz, Eurobois, Horizonia, Open Energies, Paysalia, Piscine Global Europe, and Rocalia.

GreenTech+ is the newest division of the GL events group, providing a unique shop window born from the synergy of gatherings that touch on common themes of ecological innovation and sustainable development

GL events created GreenTech+ to take up a full-time, active part in the world’s big environmental issues, with a format unique in its genre that builds bridges between the sectors of the future and maximizes their visibility. GreenTech+ is the accelerator via which the GL events group undertakes to accompany the sector’s stakeholders in their developments and in their search for the solutions of tomorrow, while instilling an ever-greater eco-awareness among our citizens.


HyVolution is organized jointly with France Hydrogène. With over 400 members, France Hydrogène is the united face of the sector’s French stakeholders, with a structure covering the whole value chain: industrial corporations developing large-scale projects, innovative smaller businesses and start-ups supported by laboratories and excellence centres, trade associations, competitiveness clusters, and local authorities with a strong involvement in the deployment of hydrogen solutions.
As the privileged interlocutor with the country’s powers, France Hydrogène acts across the whole spectrum of concerns:

  • Structuring a high performance, competitive, innovative French hydrogen sector
  • Sharing and promoting the sector’s issues and approaches
  • Spreading knowledge of the benefits and characteristics of hydrogen technologies
  • Facilitating societal dialogue on national objectives and local initiatives
  • Contributing to the development of a regulatory framework to accompany the roll-out of hydrogen technologies in France.

France Hydrogène assists the sector all the way down to the coalface with its twelve regional delegations. Its ambition: to accelerate the development of hydrogen solutions for a successful energy transition, reindustrialize the country, and create local value to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Retour en chiffres sur le bilan de HyVolution 2021

230 exhibiting companies and brands, 18% from abroad
9 sponsors
3476 visitors, up 60% on the 2020 edition
11% of participants from abroad
over 80 forum speakers from France and abroad
over 50 exhibitor- and partner-run interactive workshops
20 HyVolution TV